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Tapioca is also commonly referred to as "boba", "tapioca balls", and "pearls".
Tapioca is made from cassava root and starch/sweet potato.

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what's bubble tea

Which tea is right for you?

Need a drink to keep you energized all day? How about  tea packed with antioxidants? Or do you prefer bold flavors?

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which tea is right for you?

Exclusively presented by local UH students, come visit our featured artists section for artist information and featured works.

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Relax with a good cup of Tea

Welcome to the official Tealicious Drinks website.

We proudly serve flavored milk teas, fresh fruit slushes, flavored coffees, smoothies, cold icys, refreshing green and black teas, hot herbal teas, and much more.

Come visit us at the University of Houston Main Campus Welcome Center for your favorite drinks and relax in a cozy atmosphere.


Come for the Bubble Tea

Stay for our Banh Mi

Tealicious Drinks serves delicious Asian snacks. Relax and munch on some yummy treats while studying comfortably in our lounge area. Enjoy fresh spring rolls, hearty banh mi, and more


Did you know?

Tealicious Drinks serves various fruit jellies to enhance your favorite drink.
Want an alternative to boba/tapioca? Tealicious Drinks offer various jelly options to add to your favorite drinks. Popular favorites such as coffee jelly, lychee jelly, assorted jelly, and much more, makes every drink truly special. A unique drink prepared just for you!