Tapioca is also commonly referred to as "boba", "tapioca balls", and "pearls". Tapioca is made from cassava root and starch/sweet potato. Tapioca is made into small ball shapes and are traditionally black in color.

Resembling somewhat between jello and gum, tapioca balls are a delightful addition to many delicious beverages and adds an extra burst of taste. This chewy delight is commonly added to various teas, fruit drinks, shakes, smoothies, and slushes. Tapioca usually sits on the bottom of drinks and requires a fat straw to drink with the beverage. Bubble tea is referred to as sweetened tea with a layer of black tapioca at the bottom.


Did you know?

At Tealicious Drinks, we prepare our boba fresh everyday.
Never frozen or quickly processed, at Tealicious Drinks our boba/tapioca is always slow-cooked throughout the day to ensure quality and freshness. For those who enjoy a more fruity selection, try our wide selection of fruit jellies. Have fun with your drinks